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Sheppard Mullin's French Insider

Feb 2, 2022

Joining the podcast is David Gallagher. David is a partner with the firm's D.C office. He specializes in all aspects of public contracting, including advising domestic and foreign companies on issues relating to compliance with U.S government procurement regulations such as subcontract and supply chain management, country of origin requirements under the Buy America Act, and other infrastructure projects and requirements unique to small businesses selling to the federal government. He also regularly teaches training courses and conducts internal compliance reviews to help companies know and understand the regulatory requirements, including whether their manufacturing process has satisfied the various Buy America regimes.   

What We Discussed in This Episode:


  • What do we mean when we talk about the Infrastructure Bill?
  • What are Buy America provisions, and what is their purpose in the Infrastructure Bill?
  • What are things that foreign companies need to keep in mind regarding these provisions when wanting to invest or develop a project in the U.S?
  • If a company is looking for a traditional transaction or project development what are some factors they should consider in relation to the Buy America provisions?
  • Has the Biden administration discussed the long term effect this may have on the supply chain issues?
  • What is the long term trend we’ll see with the Biden administration? Do you see this as a springboard for other initiatives?


Contact Information:


David Gallacher

Hosted by: Sarah Ben-Moussa

Sheppard Mullin French Desk 

Co-Chair - Valérie Demont 

Co-Chair: Christine Hoefliger Hourcade


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